A Special Place For Physical Improvement  

The Body Science Studio was established to provide a degree of professionalism and a level of expertise difficult to find in today's personal training service marketplace, particularly as it relates to client groups affected by health challanges, prolonged inactivity, and age related issues.  The service utilizes an approach that is based upon the most up to date principles of health and exercise science.  Related program planning, progress monitoring, and record keeping are precisely quantified and meticulously maintained.  Our service objectives include the provision of the following:

Safe, knowledgeable guidance in exercise planning and performance

Exclusive focus on client needs, goals and objectives

A level of expertise that ensures the maximization of returns on client investment of time, energy and resources

The capability to safely and precisely carry out the directives of health care providers

A flexible, affordable service delivery system  

Please take a moment to view the balance of this website to learn more about our services and  how we can help you achieve your physical improvement goals.


Training Heart Rate Calculation                                             Rest Interval Continium

220 – 43 (age) = 177                                                               Stabilization: 30 – 60 seconds

177- 70 (resting heart rate) = 107 bpm                                    Hypertrophy: 45 – 90 seconds

107 X 75% (training level) = 80.25                                        Max Strength: 3 – 5 minutes 

80.25 + 70 = 150.25 bpm (training heart rate)                        Max Power: 3 – 5 minutes

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